TSSA Approved Continuing Education Program

TSSA Approved Continuing Education

Our TSSA approved continuing education program  is offered in Online/Remote sessions and In-classroom sessions. The program is designed to meet the needs of all EDM certificate classifications.

Online/Remote Continuing Education

TSSA approved Online continuing education is provided in a conference web based environment. You interact with our instructor throughout the course. The course length is 12 hours as per TSSA requirements and is usually delivered in three four hour sessions. This is the perfect solution when it is difficult for you to attend an in class program.

Our class sizes are limited, this will provide you with the best CE experience allowing for interaction with our instructor
Late obtaining your CE certificate? Need your CE certificate ASAP? no problem we can help you. Contact us, we do one to one and small group training. 

 Our online/remote  CE program will require you to have a good internet connection and equipment for audio and video communications (web cam). We do a registration session to check your equipment and connections so no need to worry about the connection and equipment at class time.

Our  2021/22 TSSA approved  continuing education programs are now being offered. For those who have registered in our course in previous years, and registering with the same email address, please select the green registration button below. 

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Evening courses 2021

* attendance to all three  four hour classes is required to complete  TSSA CE certificate requirements*  

Course are generally offered every month. Please check the schedule to verify date.

7 Pm start time 
Next evening course


January  19,20,21 (All certificates have now been issued ) 


February  16,17,18 

All certificates have now been issued

March   23,24,25 

All certificates have now been issued

 Next evening course June 22,23,24

All certificates have now been issued  

 Next evening course September  14,15,16

(Registrations now accepted) 




Day Courses 2021 

Please note: should you wish to register for a day course contact petert@elevatoreducators.com to ensure a position before you continue. Day programs may not be available at the time of your registration or may be reserved.   

* attendance to all three  four hour classes is required to complete  TSSA CE certificate requirements*  


March 30,31 ( 9am -3pm )

(Certificates have been issued) 

April 13,20 ( 9am -3pm )

(Certificates have been issued) 

 October 12, 13 ( 9am -3pm )

(Registrations now accepted) 

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EDM-B  & EDM-T Construction Hoists TSSA approved Continuing Education  

This online/remote TSSA approved continuing education course is specifically designed to meet the needs of those EDM certified individuals  working in the  construction hoist industry who are required to renew their EDM-B or EDM-T  by TSSA regulation. 

In This CE program all material is relevant to the EDM-B certificate. Discussion is based on the three types of hoist equipment in use in the construction business today; the Construction Elevator, Material Hoist and a Transport Platform. This CE program also includes Ontario safety code discussion  including:
TSSA Elevating Devices Code Adoption Document – Amendment 261-13r1
6.1 Applied Code [CAD Amendment 216-07]
 (a) workers’ rail guided construction hoists CAN/CSA Standard Z185-M87(R2001), Safety Code for Personnel Hoists; [CAD Amendment 216-07]
(b) workers’ rope-guided construction hoist, American National Standard ANSI/ASSE A10.22 – 2007 Safety Requirements for Rope-guided and Non-guided Workers’ Hoist; and [CAD Amendment 216-07]
(c) material construction hoist, CSA Standard Z 256-M87(R2006), Safety Code for Material Hoists, [CAD Amendment 216-07]
Several types of construction hoists are included for discussion in this continuing education program, but not limited to, Tornborg, AVRO, Alimak- Hek .
Drive systems, electrical prints, and hoisting systems are reviewed. Testing procedures, maintenance, and servicing are also reviewed.
For those individuals who work in the construction hoist EDM-B TSSA certificate stream this TSSA approved CE course is directed to your interests.


I am taking this opportunity to both thank and congratulate Peter on the great job he did on presenting my recent “TSSA required Continuing Education”. In the past I have always been grouped in a class room with an assortment EDM’s of varying disciplines. I can say without hesitation that this was the first and best EDM B, C/E training I have experienced. In this case, the fact that being online allowed Peter the opportunity to separate the divisions and focus specifically on the issues that effect Construction Hoist’s alone. It was a refreshing change.

Well done keep up the good work.

Jon Tremayne 
Skycrane Ltd

Please contact us for the next available course.