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Who requires an EDM TSSA certificate?

Any person working on elevating devices, for what every reason, where the requirement of a certificate or training is mandated by the TSSA act and regulations.

Certificate required O.REG 222/01

4. (1) No person shall work on an elevating device as a mechanic without first having obtained a certificate from the director


When am I required to renew my  TSSA  EDM certificate?

Certificates are renewed every two years this is listed on the renewal date of your certificate ( not the issue date) , this is generally your birth date.

Term of certificate

8. (1) A certificate expires on the second anniversary of the holder’s date of birth after it is issued. O. Reg. 222/01, s. 8 (1).


When I receive my Continuing Education Certificate from my accredited provider  who do I send it to at the TSSA?

Email or mail your certificate to  examinationandcertification@tssa.org : we provide a certificate in PDF format


What happens if I am late to renew my EDM certificate?

Renewal of certificate

O.REG 222/01

5(4) If a mechanic fails to renew his or her certificate before it expires, the mechanic shall not work as a mechanic after the date of expiry of the certificate but may apply to the director for a renewal. O. Reg. 222/01, s. 5 (4).


Who can provide me the Continuing Education training? 

Training must be provided by a TSSA  accredited training provider. We are an TSSA accredited provider.


It has been awhile since I renewed my certificate, more than a year. What do I do to renew may certificate? What if I can not find my last certificate issued to me?

Renewal of certificate

O.REG 222/01 

5(6) If a mechanic applies for a renewal of a certificate under subsection (4) more than 12 months after the expiry date shown on the expired certificate, the application shall be treated as a new application for a certificate under section 4

5(7) If an elevating device mechanic-in-training applies for a renewal of a certificate under subsection (4) more than 12 months after the expiry date shown on the expired certificate, the application shall be treated as a new application for a certificate under section 4


I have completed my CE course  but I was over the 12 month expiry, what form do I use to apply for my certificate?  

A “Application for an Ontario Certificate of Qualification as an Elevating Devices Mechanic” will be required.

use these links to the TSSA


Do I need to attend the in school program and complete the listed course subjects for my certificate class to qualify to write the C of Q for the TSSA EDM-A or other certificate class?

Yes & No NOTE: see the TSSA response to questions below. You can write the exemption examinations. Upon successfully completing a trade exemption test, apprentices may be exempted from some or all of an apprenticeship’s formal instruction requirements. The Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development (MAESD) has authorized community colleges to administer trade exemption testing for apprentices and non-apprentices. Apprentices may challenge within their community colleges the in-school portion of apprenticeship levels of the trade-specific apprenticeship program depending on their level of expertise and time spent on the job. Non-apprentices can likewise challenge the in-school portion of the program starting at level one.Follow this process.

  1. Contact the community  college where you wish to write the exemption examinations to inquire on the process, availability and cost .
  2. The elevating devices program has 25 examinations to be completed. Tests are 15 minutes to 1.5 hours depending on the subject. 12 hours in total for the completion of all examinations. Examinations to be take in order of level 1 – 4.   


These questions where directed to TSSA Certifications and Examinations

2018-06-18 2:51 PM

Can you answer a few questions for me
1. Does the TSSA review the credentials and provide permission  for someone who wishes to write the exemption examinations at a community college  or is it the MAESD ( they directed me to you)  that provides this permission and what information, letter etc, is provided or is required to present to the community college (colleges I have contacted require permission to write the examinations) to begin the exemption examination process?


Applicants that have been evaluated through the Out of Province/Assessment process may be directed, in writing, by TSSA to complete the exemption examinations as an option to meet the In-Class/Theoretical Training requirements for the class applied for. Applicants who have not received permission through this process will be required to complete the In-Class/Theoretical Training requirements for the class applied for, through an Accredited Training Provider.

2. When an individual successfully completes the exemption examinations what process do they next follow with the TSSA to write for certification?


Applicants that complete the exemption examinations would have to provide TSSA with proof that all courses have been completed with a 70%.  Proof would have to be issued by the community college.

Once proof is submitted the applicants will still have to through the examination process and pass the TSSA exam in order to obtain a certificate.

3. Does the exemption process follow through for all certifications A -F ?


Yes, but for the Out of Province/Assessment process.

2018-06-20 4:25 PM

From your answer to my question I am assuming that only those individuals applying from out of province (Out of Province/Assessment) will be permitted to use the exemption examination process as a qualification to meet the In-Class/Theoretical Training requirements? I am continually asked this question in my continuing education class and have been told by participants that there are individuals who are  in the process of writing the exemption examinations already and are not out of province assessed by the TSSA . . Am I to assume, and pass on the information, that the TSSA will not accept the exemption examinations process for these individuals who are not out of province assessed by the TSSA?


TSSA will only accept training exemptions from candidates that have been approved through the Out of Province/Assessment. 


Other relevant information and links 

TSSA links 



Material allowed in examinations 

The tests’ instructions indicate that you may bring the following :

  • Technical Standards and Safety Act
  • Elevating Devices Regulations, 222/01 and 209/01, plus Amendments and Directors Orders
  • Code Adoption Document
  • ASME A17.1/CSA B44 Safety Code for Elevators
  • CSA B311 Safety Code for Manlifts
  • CSA B355 Lifts for Persons with Physical Disabilities
  • Canadian/Ontario Electrical Safety Code

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