Elevator Technology


A course for professional development and for those interested in learning about elevating devices 

  • Would you care to know how elevators work mechanically and electrically?
  • What Acts and regulations apply to elevators?
  • What are your responsibilities in an elevator emergency with trapped passengers and what you can do?
  • Would you like to apply this course for credit to your Professional development requirements? 


Elevatorolgy will describe the types of elevators, how they operate, the safety codes and standards that apply to elevators, technologies used in elevator design and architecture as well as safety concerns. This course will provide a level of elevator awareness that can help non-elevator personnel’s understanding of elevators. This course is a good resource  for those individuals who are interested  to know more about the industry.  It may help those who are interested in a career path as an elevator constructor/mechanic.

Introduction to Elevators 

  ( Level 1 ) 

In this instructor guided  tutorial you will be introduced to the elevator industry. The types of elevating devices and the elevating device classifications will be reviewed. The applicable safety codes and relationship to the specific safety code for each type of elevating device. Related safety codes such as the electrical code and ASME  17.1 & CSA B44 as it pertains to elevating devices will also be reviewed. Ontario TSSA CAD documents and publications will be discussed.The elevating devices trades structure and the relationship to the Ontario College of Trades and TSSA issued EDM certificates will be explained. ( 3 hours )


 How Elevators are built  

  ( Level 2 ) 

In this instructor guided  tutorial you will watch how elevators are built. We will explore the different  types of elevators: traction, hydraulic, roped hydraulic, MRL, construction, Manlift, and lifts for persons with disabilities as well as other types of devices.   We will watch how an MRL and roped traction machine are constructed. We will review elevator door operation , the different types of door assemblies and door operators. You will understand the parts that make up the elevating device system and the role they play in operation and safety of the elevator. The elevator  car assembly will be reviewed as well as machine room equipment. The operation of the safety gear, governor and rope brake will be discussed. . A review of the parts and assembly of the escalator, construction hoist and roped hydraulic LULA elevator will be reviewed. 

You will have a good understanding of how an elevator is built and how it operates. ( 4 hours )

How Elevators Work 

  ( Level 3 ) 

In this instructor guided  tutorial you will be introduced to  the elevator controller and mechanical systems that provide the logic resulting in efficient group operation of the elevator. Dispatching and zoning of elevators will be explored. The types of control including relay logic, single board controllers and the PLC. Motor control will be reviewed including ward Leonard, VVVF and solid state. Emergency operation will be reviewed as well emergency recall. This session of training will provide you with an overview of elevator systems and how these systems control elevator operation in group dispatching and efficient building service. (3 hours) 

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